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Trailblazers: Cute Swiss gay couple Thierry and Filipe on their lives in travel

Written by gaytourism

How many countries have you visited together?

Filipe: Up to now, France, Portugal, Espagne, Turkey, Egypt, the UAE, Thailand, Mexico, Italy and England. To be more specific, 10 countries visited!

Where’s been your best trip and why?

Thierry: Our best trips ever were Mexique (Mexico) and Egypt. Mexique is so magical and cultural. The country offers so many things to see and do. It’s relaxing, and at the same time it’s so full of adventure.

Filipe: Egypt is full of story. When we got there and saw the Pyramids for the very first time, and the Great Sphinx of Giza, it was indescribable. We felt an energy.

Where’s been your worst trip and why?

Thierry: Phuket. The city was dirty, noisy and so different from the pictures on the internet. The smell, the pollution when you go out of your resort – it’s too much. It’s not walking-friendly; in fact it’s a little dangerous to walk around with all that excessive traffic. To finish, Patong nightlife is horrible. There are too many drunk people!

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Where was your most romantic trip and why?

Filipe: Rome was so charming. It’s the city of lovers. The lights, the tourists and the ambience made us emotional.

Have you ever experienced homophobia or discrimination abroad?

Thierry: No, never. In Egypt we got a little confused when we left the airport. There were some guys looking at us like we were wizards!

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Would you avoid a certain country because of the laws there?

Filipe: No, not yet. For example, if we decide to visit some country that’s against homosexuality, we’ll pretend we’re friends or cousins. People ask us if we’re relatives. We’re like ‘What?! No way!’ We only say yes if we want to avoid conflict.

Ever been to a country where it’s illegal to be gay?

Thierry: Yeah, like Egypt and the UAE, to Dubai.

Do you prefer to travel solo or with a partner?

Filipe: Without any doubt with a partner. It’s so much fun. Life is so much better when sharing it with your soulmate.

Do you ever hope to get married, and if so, would you consider a destination wedding?

Thierry: We’ve been considering getting married next year. We both decided do it in Portugal. Where exactly we don’t know yet, maybe it will be in Lisbon.

Where would you go on your honeymoon?

Filipe: We have so many destinations in mind. We’ve been thinking about Bali, Bora Bora, Fiji or Maldives.

What is your favorite thing about where you’re from?

Thierry: The nature, mountains and snow. Switzerland is so beautiful in some many ways.

Where were you going the last time you stepped on a plane, other than home?

Both: Faro in Portugal.

What is your top tip for surviving a long haul flight?

Filipe: Thierry is a sleeper! He sleeps everywhere. I must have a tablet or a laptop to watch series or films. I like to read too.

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Where do you hope to visit this year and why?

Thierry: In August we’ll go to Greece. We’re so excited to visit Navagio beach in Zakynthos. We decided to go to Greece because Filipe has a sister there. We need get some sun, relax and breathe some fresh air. And in the autumn we’ll go to London and Amsterdam!