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Trans teen prom queen talks about being told she should be ‘burned alive’

Written by gaytourism

16-year-old Lori Beynon | Photo: Lori Beynon Instagram

Lori Beynon has talked about the vile abused after she was crowned prom queen at her school last year.

Online trolls told her she deserved to be ‘burned alive.’

She received the most votes for prom queen from her fellow students.

The 16-year-old has described how hateful comments left her feeling ‘broken.’

Trolls bombarded her with messages telling her she was ‘ugly’ and a ‘freak.’

Some people even said she needed to be ‘killed with fire.’

The Welsh student said: ‘It was amazing for transgender visibility but not so much for me,

‘It happened so fast, man. I remember sitting up all night refreshing the comments over and over.’

Media reported on Lori’s crowning as prom queen, believing her to be the first trans prom queen in the UK.

Lori Beynon in her prom queen tiara and sash | Photo: Lori Beynon Instagram

Lori explained last summer: ‘I just want to go as far as I can to feel authentic to myself and who I am. Being prom queen was one step closer.’

The teen has now spoke about how she ‘literally could not stop’ reading comments about her

She told Wales Online: ‘I saw comments saying I was mentally fucked, I’m crazy, I need help, I’m ugly, I’m fat, I should be burned alive, the fucking works, man.

‘It broke me at the time. Transgender or not, I’m only 16 and hearing that shit was hard to hear, as I’m sure you can imagine.’

Lori knew she was trans from the age of 10 after taking to the internet to understand why she was feeling the way she was.

Then she came out to her mother over text when she was 13.

Before prom night, she had only ever worn skirts but never a ‘proper dress’.

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