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Pride Toronto shares article saying trans kids ‘grow out of those feelings’

Written by gaytourism

Pride Toronto | Photo: David Hudson

Pride Toronto has come under fire for sharing transphobic articles.

They posted the articles to Twitter and Facebook.

After Twitter users highlighted the posts, Pride Toronto quickly deleted them.

But one Twitter user shared screenshots from when the posts were still up.

One article the account shared was titled ‘Sexuality Center Director: Majority of transgender children outgrow those feelings.’

The other was titled ‘How their refusal to tolerate dissent is creating a global backlash against LGBT people.’

Another Twitter user asked: ”Why is @PrideToronto tweeting anti-trans propaganda from an ultra-right, anti-gay and anti-trans website?’

Pride Toronto tweeted to apologize for the posts.

The apology read: ‘We want to apologize for the offensive articles that made it to our social media pages recently. They were not properly vetted before being posted and are not reflective of our views.

‘We are sorry to individuals who were offended, and have removed the content.’


Past controversy

This is not Pride Toronto’s first controversy.

The 2016 Pride parade was brought to a standstill when Black Lives Matters protestors staged a sit-in midway through the march and demanded the event organizers to sign-off a list of demands.

Organizers faced accusations they did not care about ethnic minorities.

Janaya Khan lead the protestors.

They called for Pride Toronto to ban police from taking part in the parade. They said their involvement made the black and trans community feel unsafe.

Pride Toronto apologized for a ‘history of anti-blackness.’

RuPaul responded to the protest.

The drag star explained: ‘People feel powerless. And a lot of the time, people will do a lot of different things to feel like they are part of the solution,

‘Sometimes they make sense. Sometimes those things don’t make sense.’’

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