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Transgender Athletes Participate in Sports for the Same Reasons as Everyone Else

Written by gaytourism
Transgender athletes participate in sports for the same reasons as everyone else—to learn good sportsmanship, get and stay healthy, be part of a team, and build a sense of belonging with their peers. Our laws should protect transgender youth, not encourage discrimination against them.

Several states are debating whether or not transgender people belong in sports and state equality groups are doing to work to make sure transgender people are treated fairly across all areas of life.

It can be hard to understand what it means to be transgender, especially if you’ve never met a transgender person. And it’s common to have questions at first. But we can all agree that transgender people should be treated with dignity and respect, just like everyone else.

Get to know these brave transgender athletes excelling in the sport they love:

Charlie Martin – Race Driver

Erica Meacham – Football

Patricio manuel – Boxing

[embedded content]

Andraya Yearwood and Terry Miller – Track and Field

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Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the shared excitement of being part of a team. 25 states have successfully implemented polices that allow transgender youth athletes and their peers to successfully participate side by side. When we celebrate sports and protect transgender youth from discrimination, making sure that all young people can access the opportunities that sports afford, everyone wins.

Take action: Pledge to stand against any and all forms of anti-transgender legislation.

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