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Transphobic flyers handed out at UK women’s football match

Written by gaytourism

Part of the flyer handed out at the women’s football match

The Women’s FA Cup Final was held on Saturday, 5 May. At the event, trans-exclusionary feminist group MAYDAY 4 WOMEN handed out over 400 flyers about ‘protecting women’s sports from men.’

‘Sportswomen shouldn’t have to compete against men,’ the flyer reads.

‘Girls can play football! Gender non-conforming kids need feminism not hormones or surgery!’

‘Changing rooms should be sex segregated.’

‘A man can never be a woman. Keep men out of our sports!’

Why the outrage?

Back in 2014, the FA announced its decision to allow transgender people to play as their affirmed gender.

‘This is a pioneering move for football and one which is designed to help give visibility to the trans community,’ said Funke Awoderu, The FA’s equality manager. ‘It is something true to The FA’s mantra that football really is for everyone and I’m pleased this provision has been made to trans people wanting to get involved in our national game.’

MAYDAY 4 WOMEN’s argument is based on biological essentialism, or the belief that there are innate differences in males and females that extend to things such as strength, intelligence, and creativity. This viewpoint erases the existence of trans and intersex people, as well as ignores the role society and culture play in our ideas of gender.

The feedback

Transgender advocates argued with MAYDAY 4 WOMEN on Twitter, only to be dismissed.

‘It doesn’t matter. It’s not possible to change sex – socially or physically,’ they said in response to someone’s comment about hormones.

‘Ah but it is,’ they replied. ‘Socially, psychologically, hormonally, physically, and physiologically. Although I would argue that we were part way there to start with. Let’s agree to disagree and live and let live.’

But MAYDAY 4 WOMEN wasn’t interested in agreeing to disagree.

‘The problem is Charlie, pretending you’re not a woman harms other women. The ideology that fooled you isn’t let women live. Women’s erasure, medical violence to women’s bodies, removal of rights, telling lesbians they can’t not fuck men, too much at stake for a liberal attitude.’

‘That’s all well and good, but I look forward to seeing your reaction when trans men (or, as you no doubt call them, “women”) start using female changing facilities,’ another Twitter user chimed in.

‘“Transmen” are female so it’d be entirely appropriate,’ MAYDAY 4 WOMEN replied matter-of-factly.

Other people were very confused by these flyers.

‘What exactly is the message here. Girls can play football and trans is wrong? I’m confused!’ another person said.

Hormones aren’t gender

Additionally, some brought up the phenomenon of cisgender women with naturally high testosterone levels and wondered how they would play into this exclusionary argument.

Damned Lies

More pro-LGBTI advocates chimed in to point out the lies MAYDAY 4 WOMEN was spreading.

GSN has reached out to MAYDAY 4 WOMEN requesting comment.

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