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Troye Sivan talks gay conversion therapy movie Boy Erased: ‘It weighed on me’

Written by gaytourism

Troye Sivan has discussed his upcoming gay conversion therapy movie Boy Erased, co-starring Nicole Kidman.

The My My My! singer admits the film ‘weighed on’ him, adding he was glad when it was behind him.

‘The subject matter was pretty intense’

Speaking to The Herald Sun, he said: ‘It was a heavy shoot. The subject matter was pretty intense, obviously.’

He furthermore added: ‘I was going to the camp every day for 14 hours a day, for a month.

‘I’d hear this rhetoric of intolerance and seeing such talented actors bring them to life really made it feel very real.’


In the film Troye plays Gary, who is sent to the camp to cure him of his homosexuality. Based on Boy Erased: A Memoir by Garrard Conley, the adaptation also star Russell Crowe and gay director extraordinaire Xavier Dolan.

The main character Garrard will be played by Lucas Hedges.

‘I was happy to get out of there’

Happy Little Pill singer Troye also added: ‘It weighed on me after a while, I was happy to get out of there at the end. But I think it’s going to be a very special and important movie.’

Boy Erased is released in the US on 28 September.

Elsewhere in the interview, Troye briefly mentions his model boyfriend Jacob Bixenman, saying: ‘He’s a big fan of pop music as well.’

The star reveals that Jacob inspired his latest single, while his ex inspired new break up song The Good Side.

‘There’s a lot of love songs on this album,’ Troye said. ‘That’s the most common theme, but there’s other stuff in there. These two songs demonstrate two different perspectives straight away so people know what to expect.’