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Twitter has made the Yanny/Laurel debate into lesbian fan fiction

Written by gaytourism

The latest internet sensation to be dividing people has been the Yanny vs Laurel debate.

Much like ‘what color dress do see’ fiasco of 2015, the short audio clip has a person pronouncing a word, with some of the population hearing, one of the words, with others hearing the other.

Everyone has weighed in on the debate, even our very favorite LGBTI celebrities.

But now one Twitter user has put a fabulous queer spin on the debate, turning into an erotic lesbian fan fiction.

‘Yanny & Laurel are my lesbian ship,’ Kodi Mac wrote.

‘Yanny’s a biker chick with a chip on her shoulder who falls for Laurel; a glam rockabilly girl with a penchant for sarcasm who doesn’t take Yanny’s shit. Chaos and romance ensue.’

Well this sounds like a hilarious rom-com, how did the two ladies fall in love?

‘Yanny met Laurel at a drag race, where Laurel and her current girlfriend – one of the racers – had just broken up,’ Mac wrote

‘Yanny, inspired by the pure rage of their argument or something, decides to enter the race last minute. She doesn’t know why at the time. But it’s love.’

Yanny & Laurel 4 life

Twitter of course, are in love with the lesbian fan fiction and are calling for more.

While you’re here

Kodi Mac used the attention their fabulous fan fiction got to spread awareness about a rural LGBTI organization they volunteer at.

Mac volunteers at Rainbow Café which aims ‘provide a safe and welcoming environment for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender youth, their friends, and those questioning their orientation by creating a space where they are affirmed and offered non-judgmental support and access to personal, community, health, and spiritual resources’.

‘While y’all are here, I’m a volunteer at a great LGBT+ youth center that’s always in need of donations as they are primarily how we stay open,’ Mac wrote.