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United Airlines tells gay dad his hand too close to 5-year-old son’s genitals during flight

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Henry Amador-Batten via Facebook

Henry Amador-Batten and his son Ben

Henry and Joel Amador-Batten just aren’t having it.

On a United Airlines flight last week, Henry was detained for questioning when a flight attendant said the dad’s hand and arm laying across their sleeping 5-year-old son’s lap was too close to the ‘child’s genitals.’

‘We plan on getting up bright and early in the morning to make as much f*****g noise about this as I possibly can,’ Joel writes in a Facebook post.

‘A United Airlines flight crew made the horrible mistake of accusing my husband of improprieties with our sleeping son. The treatment by both the flight attendant and the captain were absolutely mean-spirited and completely unacceptable.’

The husband added: ‘No one deserves to be made into a monster for being a loving parent to their child.’

Henry, who had been in Puerto Rico visiting his dying father, wrote in a post today: ‘United Airlines will hopefully understand this is not going away…. Enough is Enough.’

The incident occurred on a flight to Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

It is quickly shaping up to becoming another public relations nightmare for the embattled airline.

Last month United faced widespread condemnation for literally dragged a doctor off an overbooked flight when he refused to give up his seat.

The airline said in a statement on this latest incident: ‘Our customers should always be treated with the utmost respect. We have followed up with the customer directly and we apologized for the situation.’

The apology is not enough for the couple who are planning to sue.

‘Based on the horrible situation that they placed him in front of their son and other people on the plane, we are going to vigorously pursue to be compensated by the airline for this horrible embarrassing treatment,’ said their lawyer, Kenneth Padowitz.

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