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Victory! Oregon Passes Milestone Transgender Birth Certificate Bill

Equality Federation congratulates Basic Rights Oregon on the historic passage of HB 2673A. This legislation allows transgender individuals to amend both name and gender marker on their birth records without going to court. This bill is a milestone for Oregon’s transgender community, as it’s the first bill signed into law with the sole purpose of supporting transgender Oregonians.

Governor Kate Brown signed HB 2673A on Thursday, May 18. Transgender Oregonians who’d like to revise their birth certificates will now be able to do so by merely filling out a form. They will not have to post public notice and petition for a court order. The simplified process goes into effect in January 2018 for Oregon.

Oregon follows California as the second states to enact legislation to allow transgender residents to change their documents without public notice and a court order. Several other states have administrative policies that allow transgender people to change their birth certificates with a simple form. Further, most states still require public notice and a court order.

“Transgender Oregonians consistently report harassment, discrimination and even violence when they have IDs that don’t match their gender presentation,” said Amy Herzfeld-Copple, Basic Rights Oregon’s Co-Executive Director. “HB 2673A creates a simple administrative option for transgender Oregonians to update Oregon birth certificates, so they can more readily have IDs that match their identity presentation and more confidently participate in society.”

“The testimony from transgender community members throughout the state was really compelling to our legislators,” said Nancy Haque, Basic Right’s Co-Executive Director. “It’s really encouraging to see this kind of leadership by the Oregon legislature on transgender equality at a time when the Trump Administration is rolling back protections.”

Congratulations, Basic Rights Oregon!

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Mel King is the Program Associate for Equality Federation, the national strategic partner to state-based organizations working to win equality in the communities we call home. In this role, he strengthens our major donor program, assists the communications team in the implementation of digital media programs, and provides support to the board as board liaison.

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