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WATCH: Bi people reveal the impact biphobia has on their relationships

Written by gaytourism

Two bisexual people sat down with their partners to discuss the biphobia they experience.

Lewis is a bisexual activist. He sat down with his girlfriend Laura.

They met at a party where Lewis was kissing other guys. So, Laura already knew that he was bi.

Daisy is a bi student. She made a documentary about biphobia and bi erasure with other bi students at university.

She came out as bisexual after she had started dating Matthew.

While Daisy and Lewis are both bi, Laura and Matthew are straight.

The two couples sat down to talk about the impact biphobia has had on their ‘straight’ appearing relationships.

Both talk about experiencing bi erasure also.

Watch the video below

Laura explains Lewis actually told her on their first date he was bi.

The only question she asked was about his coming experience. This was just because she wanted to get to know him.

She previously assumed bisexual people had the support of the heterosexual community and the LGBTI community.

Now she understands the struggles bi people have to face.

She adds she feels bad Lewis’s identity is erased when they’re together because he is so proud of his bisexuality.

Matthew explains after Daisy came out to him as bi, he ‘didn’t care’ in a way that his feelings towards her didn’t change.

Daisy adds she hates being assumed straight.

While Laura and Lewis don’t discuss joint crushes, Matthew and Daisy enjoy talking about women they find pretty together.

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