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WATCH: This artist turns Barbies into RuPaul’s Drag Race Queens

Written by gaytourism

Barbie transforms into Valentina

Graphic designer Mark Jonathan really got creative with some Barbie dolls!

Growing up, Jonathan loved Barbies. And now, he’s painting their faces and turning them into fierce RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants.

‘They’re such an iconic doll. There’s so much history behind the Barbie doll,’ he explains. ‘Changing the visualization and what it actually looks like and the meaning behind the Barbie doll is kind of what drew me to it.’

Jonathan isn’t alone in making the Drag Race dolls either – he gets help from his supportive mom.

‘She’s always, like, loved drag queens and stuff,’ Jonathan says of his mother. ‘But I think the more that I’ve gotten her working with these she’s been watching the show.’

To transform the Barbies into drag queens, Jonathan uses acrylic paint and watercolor pencils. He says it takes around three days to complete the look.

Jonathan has turned Barbies into Trixie Mattel, Valentina, Bob The Drag Queen, Violet Chachki and other RPDR fan favorites.

Watch the video below: