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WATCH: trans pride Brighton provides much-needed inspiration and compassion

Written by gaytourism

Trans Pride Brighton 2017

At what feels like precisely the right time, My Genderation released a video of Trans Pride Brighton that might just cause a tear and a whole lot of hope.

Gay Star News posted some photos from the 22 July event, showing the diversity, beauty, and spirit of all the people who attended. The video, which you can watch in full below, is a more intimate look at the annual day, which is now in its fifth year.

‘Give it up for trans pride!,’ a speaker exclaims as the camera pans over a large group, cheering and waving the trans pride flag enthusiastically. It’s precisely the image the LGBTI, and especially the trans community, needs right now. ‘This is a protest march,’ the speaker continues. ‘Because trans people have got so much to protest about. Please be loud, be proud, be seen, be visible.’

As the video explains, the half-mile march, which is entirely volunteer-run, has increased in size since its inception. This year, 2,500 people flocked to Brighton to attend.

‘This is my first trans pride,’ a guest says. ‘Being in the march with so many people was really moving. I teared up a few times.’

Another attendee, wearing a great ‘In space no one can hear you insist there are only two genders’ shirt, commented on the need for trans-specific events like this. ‘It was just this lovely feeling of community,’ they disclose. ‘In a way that we don’t get at other prides because it always feels like they forget the trans people. For the first time, we felt like this was our space.’