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WATCH: Young boy surprises Idina Menzel with Let It Go vocals

Written by gaytourism

Idina Menzel is left shocked by the boys vocals

This is not what Idina was expecting.

Idina invites the young boy to join her in the iconic video.

She asks Luke if he knows what song is playing and he answers: ‘Let It Go. What kind of question is that?’

Idina recalls how boys at previous shows haven’t know what the song was. They’ve preferred ‘that Trollz song and Justin Timberlake.’

‘Heck to the no!’

This is where Luke became our idol.

His response to that was: ‘Heck to the no! I’m offended.’

Then comes the best moment of the video.

Idina invites Luke to sing Let It Go and Luke surprises everyone with some absolutely stunning vocals. Luke left everyone shook.

Watch the video below.