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WATCH: Kesha takes to the stage and showcases her amazing vocals

Written by gaytourism

Kesha knows how to put on a show

Kesha performed Woman at an intimate gig with YouTube and we’re shook by her vocals.

The recently released video of her live performance of new track Woman is epic.

She enters the room through the back and physically reaches out to all the fans there to support her.

We see Kesha don a pink suit and completely command the stage.

‘Girls in the front, boys in the back’

She co-ordinated dance moves with her back-up singers and it was hilarious.

Kesha got emotional the first time she performed her new music. This time she made it through.

Multiple shots show just how much the audience are enjoying the gig. And why wouldn’t they be?

Watch the video below.

Kesha recently announced a US tour.

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