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Where do you stand on the futch scale?

Written by gaytourism

There’s a queer meme sweeping the nation.

LBT women use the scale to identify where they sit between femme and butch.

It starts with High Femme at one side, Futch halfway, and then Stone Butch on the other end.

Femme means someone who presents in a traditionally feminine way.

While Butch means someone who presents in a traditionally masculine way.

It was so often used that a running joke started to take place, where people would place their favorite characters and random objects on the scale.

So now we’ve gathered up some of the best futch scales around for you to use, or have a laugh at.

1 Winona Ryder

2 Star Trek Characters

3 Hanna Barbera characters

4 Instruments

5 Fruit

6 Composers

7 Starbucks drinks

8 Monopoly 

9 Pokemon characters

10 USBs

11 Gnomeo And Juliet characters

12 Pasta

13 Carly Rae Jepson

14 Star Wars Characters

15 Lilo & Stitch characters

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