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Which queen did Bianca Del Rio just shade the hell out of?

Written by gaytourism

Bianca Del Rio. | Photo: WehoCity / Flickr

We were not expecting this beef between Drag Race queens Bianca Del Rio and Acid Betty today.

It all started when Acid Betty posted to her Instagram story.

The season eight queen wrote on her story: ‘You show up to one RuPaul’s Drag Con, sit behind a table for a few hours signing a book no one wants to read. Try working as hard as the rest of us snatch!’

She then used the hashtags ‘fuck off’, ‘almost dead’, ‘full of shit’, ‘can’t wait for the sequel’ and ‘said no one ever’.

When Acid Betty references a sequel, she’s talking about Bianca’s sequel to Hurricane Bianca.

Acid Betty's message to Bianca Del Rio

Photo: Acid Betty / Instagram

Then it seems the conversation between to the two queens progressed into the Instagram direct messages.

Bianca Del Rio: ‘Keep talking about me’

In a screenshot posted by both Bianca Del Rio and Acid Betty, the conversation goes as follows:


Betty: *three smiling devil emojis*

Bianca: ‘The assumption was that it was you… was a joke. Reach. Ok. Keep talking about me, as you did when you got on the show. Look where it got you.’

Betty: ‘The assumption that this is about you… is a joke.’

Bianca: ‘Typical. Enjoy Brooklyn.’

Betty: ‘Good talking with you.’

Then both of the Drag Race queens posted the screenshots to Instagram.

Bianca captioned the photo: ‘QUESTION? DO YOU REMEMBER @acidbetty ???? I DON’T.’

And Betty captioned hers: ‘WHO DIS?!? This Bish used up all my Brooklyn prepaid phone credits! Gotta go hook in the BK now.’

In video footage from 2016, Bianca Del Rio introduced Acid Betty before a performance.

Bianca says: ‘In the promo, she said “Even Bianca is scared of me” but I ain’t scared of this cheap cunt. I think it’s funny she had to drop my name early so she had some relevance.

Then she said: ‘Lets welcome – Acid Betty!’

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