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Why Anderson Cooper put Donald Trump on The Ridiculist

Anderson Cooper probably wanted to roll his eyes over 'covfefe'

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper has put US President Donald Trump back on The Ridiculist segment of his nightly show on CNN.

Cooper goofed on Trump for his inexplicable tweeting of ‘covfefe’ this week then later claiming to know what the ‘word’ means.

‘I know it’s kind of rich to rant against made-up words during a segment called The Ridiculist which is a made up word of course,’ Cooper began.

‘But the difference is we didn’t make up that word by just possibly passing out on a phone.’

The original tweet stayed up for several hours before Trump returned to Twitter to ask if anyone knows what ‘covfefe’ means.

Cooper called Trump’s follow-up tweet the ‘Oh yeah, I totally meant to do that trick. The problem is by the time he tried to pretend it was just a fun guessing game for America the Internet was already having its way with covfefe.’

Cooper, who has on occasion famously dissolved into giggles during his The Ridiculist segment, went on to read some of the best Twitter reaction to Trump’s strange tweet.

He appears at times to just barely be suppressing an onset of the giggles.

But not once does Cooper do an eye roll like the one he gave Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway on the air last month.