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Will Hawaii open for tourism? Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell explains

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Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell today answered questions from eTurboNewsHawaii News Online, and other reporters on and if travel to Hawaii will really be possible without having to face a 14 day mandatory.

As of October 15, most visitors can arrive in Hawaii with a pre-test to avoid a 14-day mandatory quarantine. This is however not always the case.

Visitors to Hawaii Island, also known as the Big Island of Hawaii will be required to stay in a hotel room in Hilo, Kona, Waikoloa for 14 days before they can enjoy the beaches, the wide-open spaces, or the volcano national park.

Kauai was asking for a second test, but Governor Ige turned down this request. Yesterday the Maui mayor toned down his request saying the county would ask visitors for a second test, but won’t make it mandatory.

Mayor Kirk Caldwell repeated today, he would like to see a second test, but he realizes such resources are currently not available. Anyone wanting to visit Oahu after October 15 can now arrive with a pre-test not older than 3 days prior to arrival.

The mayor explained why the second test after arrival takes four days and gave his insight after hearing about the initiative by WTTC with the G20 and 45 large tourism companies. This came in a day the world recorded the highest increase in COVID-19 on any given day after the virus was reported.

Click here to listen to Mayor Caldwell responding to questions from eTurboNews today.

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