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Willam spills major T on whether she’ll be on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3

Willam Belli spills the T

Now season 9 is over, eager fans are all wanting to hear the latest about season 10 and RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3.

One of the queens everyone is dying to see is Willam Belli, the season 4 controversial star who is the first and only girl to be disqualified.

In our list of the 10 queens we want to see on the next All Stars, we obviously put Willam alongside stars like Shea Coulee and Shangela.

We noted Nancy Drews on Reddit have found Willam has deleted certain posts on social media where she was critical of the show. While users didn’t know why, many on Reddit guessed it was a possibility to get back onto the show.

Setting her stance clear, Willam has commented on the Gay Star News article on her Tumblr.

‘Stop saying i deleted posts to get in good favors with producers,’ she said.

‘I deleted it to keep a friendship friendly with someone who asked me to take it down.’

And she also couldn’t resist spilling some T on the future All Stars 3, saying while she wanted to do it she hasn’t been asked.

Willam said: ‘Also, the All Stars 3 ship has sailed…and i was on a jetski behind it with a wet blunt and a dream.

‘It’s not gonna happen. The calls have been made and the Ru-know-who’s chose to avoid the variable that is me…and hell…I don’t blame them.’