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Winter Olympians are flocking to South Korea’s ‘penis park’

Written by gaytourism

Winter Olympians are flocking to one park in South Korea that has been built in homage to the penis.

Haesindang Park, which is based just an hour away from the Winter Olympics site, has caught the eye of several sportspeople who are enamoured by the wide range of penis statues. 

Containing penis chimes, penis totem poles, out of wood, plastic and stone of every shape and size, the park has been designed to encourage declining fertility rates in the country.

However, the message behind its ethos seems to have been lost on the huge surge in tourists, who have said they’ve “never seen anything like this”.

“I’ve been all over the world and I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Keith Childs, a UK Olympian worker, to Metro.

The park, which also boasts a Stonehenge-style arrangement of penises complete with Chinese zodiac signs is one of the award-winning sights available in the park.

The lighthouse in the port of Sinnam is also shaped like a penis.

For those not in the know, South Korea boasts eight penis parks in total, which are designed to inspire fertility in the country.

Founded in honour of an ancient fertility legend, couples tend to visit the park to wish them luck when trying for a baby.

According to to OECD, South Korea has the lowest fertility rates out of all of the competing countries.

Just 1.17 babies per woman are born each year in South Korea, according to the latest government data, for 2016, said Reuters.

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