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World Tourism Network set 2021 trends making leaders jump

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The World Tourism Network passed the flame of hope from country to country at its New Years’ party today listening to incredible stories told by tour guides.

Tour guides are the backbone of the travel and tourism industry worldwide.

World Tourism Network (WTN) wants tourist guides to rise even stronger.
Juergen Steinmetz, founder of WTN: “We are so proud to have these incredible drivers of our industry celebrating their 35 years of the World Federation of Tourist Guides Association (WFTGA).”

Thousands of viewers on the eTurboNews network, social media, and those attending the virtual New Years’ event on zoom had a great time and danced their frustration for the year 2020 to welcome a year of hope, the year of 2021.

Incredible party music got people going. The story telling by tour guides from Russia, Iran, Costa Rica, Cyprus, South Africa and the United States were inspiring.

What is the gay part of Washington DC was a story told? There is no discrimination in this industry of peace and equality.

Dr. Taleb Rifai, former UNWTO Secretary-General joined the party from Spain along with prominent figures from Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Jordan, Serbia, Australia, Germany, Italy, and many other countries.

Dr. Rifai urged the current World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Secretary-General to play fair in response to WTN’s petition to restore Decency in UNWTO

Cuthbert Ncube, chairman of the African Tourism Board explained opportunities for the African Continent.

Dr. Peter Tarlow, co-founder of the World Tourism Network touched on the importance of safety and security also beyond COVID-19

It was party time, and the person behind it was Maricar Donato of Washington Tours & Events. She is also the ambassador for the WFTGA and was recently made a tourism hero by WTN

World Tourism Network finished an entire month of December showcasing a unique stream of Zoom events showcasing activities by WTN members. WTN has members in 124 member countries and is aiming to be the new voice for many that didn’t have a voice in the industry before. WTN is also the chance for new leaders to join established ones in the rebuilding process.

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