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World Tourism Network wants Travel and Tourism on hold

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The World Tourism Network in alignment with the African Tourism Board is urging the public to limit travel to essential business only.

World Tourism Network issued a statement Sunday night by WTN President Juergen Steinmetz. Cuthbert Ncube, chairman of the ATB second it.

The Christmas and New Year season is a time the world is visiting family. It’s also a time for people to travel and enjoy a holiday.

This Christmas and New Year season in 2020/21 is different. There is a light at the end of a very long tunnel to get through the nightmare we all went through since March, but we are still in the tunnel.

The rough wake-up call yesterday in the UK and South Africa realizing the virus is now attacking in a different way and with 70% more force is witness that travel is currently not safe. It’s a reality we don’t want to admit, and it’s true, our industry cannot afford it.

According to experts, the vaccine remains effective, even with the new strain. So let us put travel on hold until the effects of the ongoing vaccine distribution gains momentum and results.

Compared to what we all went through, this won’t be so long. If all of us work together it will allow us to relaunch travel earlier, and rebuild our industry in the coming year.

Traveling now with the new threats that just emerged is playing with our health. Finding ways now to facilitate “safe travel” will be a gamble risking our economy and the future of our sector.

This industry needs help, and let’s take this time off to discuss how the world can speak with one voice and support this industry, so we can jumpstart when the time is best.

World Tourism Network is ready for this discussion. WTN currently has more than 1000 medium to small-size company members in 124 countries.

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African Tourism Board wants Africa to be one preferred tourist destination in the world. More information on ATB go to

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