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You can now buy Drag Race-themed Cards Against Humanity

Written by gaytourism

Cards Against Rumanity, the Drag Race-themed version of Cards Against Humanity

Drag Race fans rejoice! You can now play popular party game Cards Against Humanity RuPaul style.

Similar to Apples to Apples, the NSFW card game has been a big hit at parties in recent years. Cards Against Humanity has released themed expansion packs in the past, including a 90s themed nostalgia one, a ‘Geek Pack,’ a cannabis-themed one, and more.

The game

Aptly called Cards Against Rumanity, the game is available on Amazon. However, it seems to be unaffiliated with the original game.

Though the game is currently sold out, it retails at about $30 [£22.16; €25.05]. Unfortunately, it seems the game doesn’t ship outside the United States.

UK-based Etsy user ElinPrintables, however, also created a similar game at a much more affordable price point. With Oh The Rumanity, you can print the cards from the comfort of your home for the small price of $5 [£3.69; €4.17].

Oh The Rumanity includes an instant digital PDF download of 180 grey cards and 315 white cards. The instructions are based off free online Cards Against Humanity clone, Pretend You’re Xyzzy.

Regardless of which version of the game you choose, this drag queen party game is perfect to play with your friends before the next episode of Drag Race airs, during Pride week, or just on a rainy day at home.

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