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You need to hear The Vixen’s powerful verse to American by RuPaul

Written by gaytourism

The Vixen. | Photo: thevixensworld / Instagram

The Vixen just dropped her powerful verse to RuPaul’s song American.

The season 10 RuPaul’s Drag Race queen took to social media to drop her verse to the popular RuPaul song.

Towards the end of the reality television show, the final four contestants Eureka O’Hara, Kameron Michaels, Asia O’Hara and Aquaria all wrote their own unique verses to the song.

But now it’s The Vixen’s turn.

The Vixen and RuPaul

The Vixen and RuPaul | Photo: RPDR

She posted to Twitter last night (10 August) with the caption: ‘Just venting…’

She also posted to Instagram with the full lyrics to the song, as well as: ‘The “American” Verse you didn’t ask for…’

In her verse, she talks about being proud to be black and having strong black role models growing up.

She raps: ‘So fuck slave ships and assassinations. We invented shit let’s get black to greatness.’

She also throws a little shade at Eureka O’Hara at the end with a line about going to have a cigarette.

Watch The Vixen lay down some truths:

The Vixen famously clashed with RuPaul and some of her fellow Drag Race queens in the latest season.

During the reunion special, she walked off the set causing RuPaul to go into a massive rant.

After the fight, The Vixen said: ‘Ru is there to be a moderator and it felt like I was having a fight with her’

When asked ‘Do you feel like Ru read a lot of negative intention into everything you did?’

She responds: ‘Yeah, it felt like I was talking to a Reddit troll. It was like, with her being a person in the public eye, you think that she would understand that I had more layers than that.’

She also said: ‘It just seemed very vapid and I think even on the show I did a good job of showing that I was a person with intention and that there was more to me than trying to get under two girls’ skin for some type of reason.

‘It was an insult to my character [and] it was very out of touch with who I am,’ she said.

The Vixen also revealed people sent her death threats after one particular verbal altercation with Aquaria.

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