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YouTuber Laci Green attacks trans rights blogger on social media

Written by gaytourism

YouTuber Laci Green

Well-known YouTuber Laci Green once posted many feminist, sex-positive, and LGBTI-friendly videos. From educational content about being intersex, to transgender bathroom bills, to the harms of conversion therapy, Green was an important resource for many young LGBTI people. But as of late, she’s ‘taken the red pill.’

After announcing a break from YouTube in February 2017, Green came back to the website in May with a completely different perspective and belief system.

What changed?

Green is reportedly in a relationship with ‘anti-Social Justice Warrior’ YouTuber Chris Ray Gun. Gun’s YouTube videos are known to mock feminism, LGBTI issues, and other hot-button sociopolitical topics.

In a recent two-part video series called ‘HOW MANY FREAKIN GENDERS,’ Green seems to change her perspective on the existence of more than two sexes. This thought process was later continued in a series of Tweets bashing Teen Vogue’s recent gender-neutral anal sex guide.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that ‘there is a range of chromosome complements, hormone balances, and phenotypic variations that determine sex.’ In other words, biological sex is not actually as simple as ‘male’ and ‘female.’

Stanford University concurs, stating: ‘Anatomy, hormones, cells, and chromosomes (not to mention personal identity convictions) are actually not usually aligned with one binary classification.’

Green has started a series of ‘debates’ where she attempts to get together people with opposing viewpoints to discuss these issues live on YouTube.

The drama

Most damning, though, of Green’s newfound ideology is her willingness to harass transgender activists.

During the ‘HOW MANY FREAKIN GENDERS’ video series, she calls out trans rights blogger Zinnia Jones, claiming Jones advocates that trans women ‘[rub their] dick and balls all over a straight guy’s face until he’s into it.’ Green pulls a Tweet from Jones’ account to support this argument, despite the Tweet being taken completely out of context.

Jones called out Green’s misinformation on Twitter, showing that the Tweet in question was actually giving someone consensual sex advice and not advocating for what Green claimed:

The backlash

Needless to say, LGBTI advocates are outraged at Green’s behavior.

‘Laci Green lacks basic understanding of sex, gender and biology,’ Vega, a 37-year-old trans man, tells GSN.

‘Most people never have their chromosomes tested [and] your chromosomes do not necessarily align with genital appearance. Sex is assigned at birth based on a genital inspection. The child is then typically raised with the social expectations of having a vagina or a penis,’ he explains.

‘Laci Green has outright attacked trans women on social media. This is not feminism. Trans women are women, period.’

GSN has reached out to Laci Green for comment.