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Almost half of bisexual people in Utah experience sexual violence

Written by gaytourism

Bisexual people in the U.S. state of Utah report the most incidences of sexual violence, according to a new survey.

The shocking new survey analyzes responses from about 10,000 Utahan adults collected in 2016.

It reveals 45.5% of bisexual people in Utah have experienced sexual violence. It also said 33.6% of lesbian/gay respondents reported sexual violence.

This compares to just 8.7% for straight people.

According to the survey, sexual violence is ‘sexual activity (sexual touching, harassment or exposure to sexual content) that involves victims who do not consent, or who are unable to consent.’

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Turner Bitton, executive director of the Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault, said in a written statement: ‘Sexual violence is rooted in the inequities of our society and disproportionately hurts those who have been pushed to the margins.’

He also said: ‘Utah communities are counting on us to ensure that everyone is included in prevention efforts.’

Bitton calls for ‘culturally specific prevention programming’ in the state to combat the huge disparity.

Interestingly, other breakdowns of the statistics include disproportionate incidences among unemployed people, with 21.3%. ‘Student’ comes in second with 10.7% and ’employed’ with 10%.

Sexual violence in Utah breaks down to affecting 3.1% of the state’s male population and 16.4% of females.

Utah repeals gay propaganda laws

Utah became the first Republican-held state to repeal gay propaganda laws last year.

Dubbed the ‘no promo homo’ law, it was a series of laws prohibiting the ‘advocacy of homosexuality’ in schools.

The original law as outlined in the Utah Code does not specify what exactly constitutes advocacy of homosexuality.

The Mormon religion heavily influences the state of Utah. In fact, it is the most likely state to search for Mormon gay porn.

According to PornHub statistics released last year, in searches compared with other US states, Utah is 845% more likely to search for ‘Mormon’.

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