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Bi guy opens up about his first encounter with a biphobic partner

Written by gaytourism

Doybanger says this is the first time he’s ever had to deal with this | Photo: via Pexels

A bisexual man has opened up online about a heartbreaking encounter with a biphobic partner.

He calls it the first time he’s ever had to confront this issue.

Reddit user doybanger started his post by explaining that ‘long story short, after a long period of not doing anything about it, I’ve come to terms with my attraction to men (as well as women).’

Since last fall he has been dating ‘basically only women on online dating.’ But he has had a couple of hook ups with guys.

One of those hook ups was his first time with a guy.

He then goes on to recall: ‘I’ve been seeing this woman for a couple of weeks, and everything was going great.

‘Friday night was her first time at my place. We were having some wine and the conversation slowly turned more sexual.’

Then doybanger explained this was when he told the woman he’d slept with guys in the past but he’s ‘still far more attracted to women in general.’

He sums up her reaction by saying:  ‘This did not go over well.’

The Reddit user continued:  ‘Even then we still ended up having sex that night. But the next morning she told me that the whole issue was not gonna work for her.

‘And that she did not want to continue seeing each other.’

He explains that he feels like the woman was just ‘daring me to prove that I was not “just gay.”‘

‘Her entire attitude around it was kind of immature and way too dismissive, unfortunately,’ He adds.

‘Basically she presumed that I have to be always obsessed with dick, and she just does not have the parts to satisfy that.’

‘Not someone you should be dating’

The post finishes by explaining that ‘it stings’ because he had really liked her. He’d opened up because he had hoped the relationship was going somewhere and thought she should know he was bisexual. But unfortunately ‘it ended in disappointment.’

Another Reddit user responded, saying he too has experienced a similar thing before.

Egoissuffering described an ex-girlfriend who was a ‘liberal feminist artist.’

He said she ‘felt very uncomfortable and threatened relationship wise when I told her I was bi.

‘She had this notion that I would just cheat on her with a bunch of dude, as if I were the type to cheat.’

He added that another girl called off their date when she found out he was bisexual.

His advice is that ‘if your potential SO or SO can’t accept this part of you, that person probably is not someone you should be dating.’

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