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Brussels – great gathering place for the LGBTQI+ communities

Written by gaytourism makes of point of promoting Brussels as the gay friendly capital of 500 million Europeans. It benefits from an open-minded spirit supported by anti-discrimination laws. Brussels is proud to be counted among Europe’s most gay friendly cities. It’s a great place to live for everyone, always and everywhere!

Pride has now reached its 22nd edition in Brussels and, as it does every year, is kicking off
European Pride season. Through this event the inherently gay friendly capital of 500 million Europeans puts its diversity, openness to the LGBTQI+ community, and joie de vivre on full display.

Brussels never sleeps, especially the Saint-Jacques district at the heart of Brussels’ gay life. This lively neighborhood perfectly reflects the capital’s warm bon vivant spirit. Here everything serves as a good excuse to party.

From Pride to the IDAHOT forum (see below), not to mention the numerous initiatives in support of equal rights for the LGBTQI+ communities, all these ingredients come together to make Brussels an essential gathering place for the community.

Can’t-miss events…

As in years past, the month of May will be rhythmed by various PRIDEFESTIVAL gatherings. It is a highlight of LGBTQI+ community life in Brussels. This is because, aside from being a festive event, Belgian Pride is also the ideal moment to assert the community’s equal rights and raise awareness with regard to policy matters.

The topic selected for this year is CROSSING BORDERS. It is an opportunity for three Belgian LGBTQI+ associations – RainbowHouse Brussels, Arc-en-ciel Wallonie, and çavaria – to broach the topic of asylum and migration with particular emphasis on the course of LGBTQI+ migrants.

To mark the occasion, the streets, several cross walks, and a Brussels bus have been decked out in rainbow colors. Even the traffic lights will allude to same-sex couples in various places around the Brussels-Capital Region.

Postcards have also been printed to allow visitors from Belgium and abroad to share the event with their loved ones in an original way.

Finally, on Saturday, 20 May, the must-see Belgian Pride, the culmination of the festival fortnight, will rock downtown Brussels.

Bars and nightclubs galore…

Brussels offers a whole range of places where everyone, regardless of interests or choices, can find something fun to do and can occupy the dance floor into the wee hours.

A place for openness and dialogues

This year on 18 and 19 May the IDAHOT forum, well-known to the community, will be held in Brussels for the first time. During this conference decision-makers and policy directors, poets, and opinion leaders will give their assessment of the status of LGBTQI+ rights in Europe. This conference is held the day after the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia which is on 17 May.

On this occasion BOZAR will also shine a spotlight on the rights of the LGBTQI+ community. In fact several exhibitions and debates will be held there throughout the day on Wednesday, 17 May. The matter of LGBTQI+ social exclusion will be discussed in particular. The roles of government, religion, intermediaries, and human rights organizations will be discussed there.

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