SEATTLE, Wash. (WTVO) — A line dancing group was reportedly told to remove their patriotic team shirts or they would not be able to perform at an LGBTQ-friendly event in Seattle, after some in the audience said they were offended by the American flag.

According to KING, the Borderline Dance Team, a group of 22 women who perform at local events across Washington, was scheduled to perform at the Emerald City Hoedown last weekend.

However, they were asked to change out of their American flag-style shirts or not take the stage at the LGBTQ friendly event.

“The first question out of his mouth, I believe, was ‘Do you have a different shirt to wear?’ He told me that there was some individuals within the community that felt unsafe and bothered – triggered, if you will – by our flag shirts,” dancer Dannika Cody said. “What we were told was it had to do with what was going on in Palestine and the LGBTQ community in America.”

The flag-themed shirts reportedly contained no words or other symbols, except for the Stars and Stripes.

The group was told “a small population decided that they were they were going to boycott or protest our performance,” according to lead choreographer Lindsay Stamp.

The group said they would perform even if they were to be booed on stage, but the organizers reportedly told them to “change or don’t perform.”

“We didn’t hesitate to accept and perform for a community who really does value inclusivity. That was not also extended to us,” dancer Sharie Peterson said.

According to Ziadee Cambier, the president of the Rain Country Dance Association, which organized the event, the team was not asked to leave and the group is hoping to clear up any misunderstandings.

“They do extend their apologies,” Stamps said, “and we’re in communication, trying to figure out how we want to move forward with this.”

KING reported that Cambier said since the incident, her organization has received an “extreme” amount of online harassment and a violent threat which was under police investigation.

“Violence and harassment is not something that we condone towards any person or any group for any reason,” Stamp said.