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New Picture Book Introduces Calvin Oz, a Playful Puppy and an Unassuming Advocate for LGBTQ Awareness

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“Even though the house was overrun with dogs and it was daily chaos,” said storm, “it was also a highly inspired time of my life. The first few books that I wrote, including Calvin Oz, are based on real life dogs that we boarded and came to love like our own.”

“Calvin Oz” was inspired by a little brown dog. Her teenage son loved to carry him around, while talking baby talk to the dog. While storm was venting to her son about an especially frustrating encounter, he said in baby talk, “it sounds like she needs a Calvinoscopy.” Storm fell down laughing, and used it as an inspiration for this story. One of Calvin Oz’s alter egos, as shown in the book, is Mr. Cuppy. Altogether, his name is Calvin Oz Cuppy – Calvinoscopy!

“I hope these stories help increase self-acceptance and confidence to try new things, as well as encourage joyful acceptance of others’ differences and qualities,” said storm.        

“Calvin Oz, Just Because”
By a.d. storm
ISBN: 9781480874602 (softcover); 9781480874619 (hardcover); 9781480874596 (electronic)
Available at Archway Publishing, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author
a.d. storm is a writer, a mom, a teacher, and a lifelong animal lover, having raised domesticated animals, as well as managing a wildlife habitat. To learn more, please visit

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