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Flights to Hawaii: Get ready for 72 hour testing prior to boarding

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Flights to Hawaii: Get ready for 72 hour testing prior to boarding

The United States and the world can learn a lot from the State of Hawaii. The world should learn from the mayors of Hawaii, the Governor, and everyone working together to respond to the biggest crisis the world ever faced. Hawaii is a rainbow of cultures and dependent on tourism, but Hawaii cares about its community first. Hawaii is known for  Ironman Triathlon  and monster waves. This is a marathon, and Hawaii knows it and the response is accordingly.

The world should look to Hawaii and how the Aloha State is handling the threats by the virus, travel and tourism and community concern

There will be fun on beaches in Hawaii and good food in restaurants, shops are reopening, because Hawaii is in such good shape. This was the overall message in a Facebook meeting with all 4 mayors of Hawaii today. The Facebook video session was hosted by Hawaii Governor Ige.

Here are some of the comments made in this Facebook discussion today. 

“We will be extending quarantine rules for domestic and international travel”, said Ige, but we are in the process of allowing again interisland travel without having in-state travelers observe quarantine requirements.

If tourism opens in the future the idea is for future visitors to be tested for COVID-19 72 hours before they are allowed to board their pacific flight. This would be good for the airline, and it would better protect our community.

The wellbeing of community paramount according to the mayors.  The mayors are convinced that there is no spread of the virus within communities in Hawaii. The few new cases registered all came in from visitors or returning residents. It shows the virus is coming from the outside and not from the inside.

People with an illness can spread germs on flights There are no windows to open and the air condition circulates.

We need to make sure we have a very strong check system before passengers leave. In addition, we need to pay special attention for arrivals from COVID-19 problem zones.

We need tourism, but this also our home. We envision a different group of tourists in the future. Future tourism needs to protect resources, protect the culture, and mass tourism may be a problem of the past. Protecting our population will always have priority.

Vacation rental and timeshare rentals will remain to be prohibited because the 14-day mandatory quarantine cannot be enforced.  The fine is $10,000 a day for violators.

Hawaii is seen as the most resilient state in the country when it comes to having flattened the curve With only 26 active cases, there is almost no COVID-19 present in the Island State.

The virus is sneaky. You could be a carrier without knowing. Wearing a mask will remain the rule for a while. This and social distancing are good practices even in general. In Hawaii in certain areas to be in someone’s face and stand less to a stranger without keeping 6 feet distance is the norm anyway and rude even in normal times.

Our parents taught us never to turn your back to the ocean. Mother nature is unpredictable. Give your guard up even if we lift more and more requirements.”

There will be a second wave. If this will be a little Waikiki wave or a giant Waimea Bay wave is up to us.
Unique Hawaii general care about other people and how our actions impact other people- is what Aloha is, said Big Island mayor Derek Kawakami.

Restaurants and social clubs are due to be opened in early June, but we take it slow.

Different countries opened up and had to backtrack- we don’t want to do this. Hawaii is looking at other States and countries. It takes 2 weeks to find out how a measure is working in connection to the virus.

Opening interisland travel is a good test to prepare opening up the State for other flights.

Together we will build a new economy because we are resilient. This is a first for all of it. We will all come out Hawaii Strong.


May 28, 2020 Community Connection: I am joined by all County Mayors to discuss the reopening of businesses and activities in their counties. We’re taking questions live so submit them in the comment section below. Mahalo and thanks for tuning in.Emergency Rules and Orders from the County Mayors detailing reopening are as follows:Kauai County, Hawaii: and County of Honolulu: of Maui: County, Hawaii:

Posted by Governor David Ige on Thursday, May 28, 2020



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