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Summer holidays for Germans expand to 31 countries

Written by gaytourism

Germans rather don’t eat instead of not going on a holiday. Summer holidays are around the corner and Germany has travel warnings for its citizens in place even to other EU countries.

In the history of the Federal Republic of Germany this never happened before. Warnings were reserved for war zones like Syria, but not for European countries, specifically not for countries that are members of the European Union and the Schengen region.

Now Germans are looking forward to June 15. After June 15 European travel will be possible again.
Included are 31 countries. 26 countries are EU members, additional countries include Norway, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein.

It’s expected the German parliament will decide this tomorrow.

German politicians understand the importance of tourism and the economic stability that comes with it.

EU partners are coordinating common guidelines. In order to maintain open borders, not more than 50 new COVID-19 are allowed based on 100,000 residents.

All countries are required to have rules in place in regard to social distancing, wearing of masks, and hygiene.

Countries have to be equipped to provide tests and have medical care available to handle an increase in infections.

It appears also Germany is leading to create a new normal for its outbound tourism industry taking a lead in Europe.

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