Fly Basic Economy: Bidding system for toilet use on airlines?

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Basic Economy : The true story

Searching for the cheapest airfare and best airlines and finding a basic economy class airfare on American, United, Delta, and other airlines have one clear advantage: The advantage is the price, or are you getting fooled?  The airlines want to make your trip as miserable as possible, so you would never make this mistake again. Money talks in the airline industry.

Of course, the basic economy fare option gives airline customers some buying power with the a la carte model—pay only for what you want, whether it be a pre-assigned seat or access to the overhead bin, bags, frequent flyer miles, status or as simple as finding a way to commercialize the use of an airline lavatory. eTN reported about American Airlines asking a passenger to urinate in a bag. 

In 2017, a passenger on Ryan Air was charged $100 for not using the lavatory. A Ryanair flight from Leeds to Faro, Portugal, had all its lavatories go inoperative. He had to urinate, so he used a bottle, and he was fined for doing so.

In Europe, paying for the use of toilets at public places, restaurants or tourist attractions is normal.  Should airline lavatories be included in the fee structure?

In some U.S. states, it’s illegal to charge for toilets, but airlines are under Federal or foreign jurisdiction. Take a look at what a tourist will find when using a toilet in Europe, and compare this what he will experience using a toilet at a beach like in Florida or Hawaii.

Using a bottle instead of a bathroom is tolerated by some airlines, including United Airlines: “We no longer call the police on customers except when safety is at stake.” Ryanair makes no such promises. They called the police to meet the aircraft, and that previously-mentioned passenger using the bottle was fined 90 Pounds.

Airlines rely on a caste and class system to generate revenue and prestige.

Here is a possible solution:

First-class passengers paying full fare and not traveling on an upgrade still get complimentary and exclusive access to a clean first-class bathroom, including face lotion.

Premium members and those traveling on a regular economy airfare get free access to one bathroom – an economy bathroom – but face lotion and paper towels are not included.

Basic economy passengers get access to an online bidding system to use the lavatory. Such access is extended to any passenger if there is a line and can possibly wing entrance to a first-class or economy bathroom.

Passengers could use their laptop or tablet to sign into the system with a credit card. The highest bid would secure the first priority.
Passengers without a credit card would need to buy a prepaid visa card before boarding the aircraft since the airline is now a cashless zone.

Everyone else will need to use a bottle and pay a fine after landing.

This would encourage passengers to actually pay for first-class seats instead of relying on free upgrades. It would generate revenue for airlines, eliminate lines, and maintain the caste system airlines are so keen to maintain. Everyone else violating such rules should plan on getting arrested upon arrival.

In Russia, an  Airline boss was arrested for urinating on Putin’s fence in Sochi, as reported on eTurboNews.

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