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Help Us Stop Oklahoma’s Anti-LGBTQ Adoption Bill

Written by gaytourism
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As an adopted LGBTQ Oklahoman I find SB 1140, Oklahoma’s anti-LGBTQ adoption bill, to be a direct attack on myself and the hundreds of prospective adoptive families across our state.

Please tell Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin to veto this discriminatory legislation the moment it lands on her desk!

The bill is a clear violation of the establishment and equal protection clauses of the U. S. Constitution. If it becomes law it will cost Oklahomans millions of dollars in litigation fees and lost business – from conventions to new business hubs –  as national attention descends on the state, in a time when Oklahoma cannot properly fund education and other core services. We can’t let Oklahoma become the next Indiana or North Carolina. 

I would not be where I am today if it were not for an open and inclusive state and adoption agency. The impact of SB 1140 will be far-reaching, allowing for the discrimination of not just LGBTQ people, but also families of color, women, interfaith families, prospective single parents, and more. Oklahoma is moving backward with this kind of legislation, and we need your help to make sure the Governor knows the nation is watching.

Josh Stickney

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Josh Stickney

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