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Italian gay activist Vincenzo Ruggiero murdered, with shocking footage of the cover-up

Written by gaytourism

Vincenzo Ruggiero

35-year-old navy officer Ciro Guarente confessed to murdering 25-year-old gay activist Vincenzo Ruggiero today (29 July).

Ruggiero went missing 7 July in the area of Giugliano in Italy, with friends and family desperate to find him.

But shocking video footage showed Guarente moving Ruggiero’s body into the back of his car, so he had to confess.

In his confession, Guarente said: ‘Yes, I killed Vincenzo because he had a friendship with my partner.

‘Then after I loaded the dead body in the car, I threw it to sea at Licola,’ according to Il Mattino.

His partner is Heven Grimaldi, a transgender woman, and housemate of Ruggiero’s.

‘My only goal is to find you and to be happy’

The mother of Vincenzo Ruggiero reported the disappearance of her son on the same day he went missing.

Then, Grimaldi posted several impassioned pleas on Facebook to find her friend and house mate.

She said: ‘I miss hearing you sing around the house, I miss our daily chats.

‘Every place and every circumstance brings me back to you, I look for you in the faces of all the people I meet on the street.

‘Your unexplained abandonment diminishes my soul. My only goal is to find you and to be happy,’ she wrote.

She also posted a video of their time together.

Investigations are underway to recover the body in the ocean, with support from the Naples Harbor Master’s Office.

Guarente was arrested on charges of murder and concealment of a body.

Watch the shocking footage.