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Lesbian, bi, trans and queer mothers share what makes their families special

Written by gaytourism

Happy Mother’s Day! | Photos: supplied

It’s Mother’s Day in the US and Australia today (13 May) so we’re celebrating amazing lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer mothers.

For this all-important day, we asked a group of LBTQ mothers what makes their family special.

Myeshia and Beth Price-Feeney, with baby Lanston

Myeshia Price-Feeney pregnant and Beth and Myeshia holding son Lanston

Beth and Myeshia Price-Feeney. | Photo: supplied

Both Beth and Myeshia identify as queer and absolutely love their new baby Lanston.

On what makes their family special, the moms said: ‘We are constantly on the go. Whether it’s traveling out of state, going on a road trip to nearby cities, or exploring beaches and brunches right here in San Diego.

‘Our pups have always been along for the ride and now our newest member is already fitting in nicely,’ they added.

Chloe Davies and Hamish Jackson, with kids Miles and Theo

Chloe Davies, Hamish Jackson and kids Theo and Miles

Hamish Jackson, Chloe Davies, and kids Theo and Miles. | Photo: supplied

Chloe Davies lives in London with her partner Hamish and their two children Miles and Theo. She identifies as bisexual and works as a volunteer for Pride in London as Deputy Director of Community Engagement.

When asked what makes her family special, she enthusiastically exclaimed: ‘Music!

‘We both met while studying music degrees many many moons ago. It is the universal language that defines our household and our first loves, so it only seems natural to pass it on to our boys.

‘[Two year old] Miles is music-mad already and is the house DJ. [7 month old] Theo is in love with the piano – he loves to bash the keys and hear sound,’ she said.

Ori and Shani Kesari, with kids Belle and Tom

Ori and Shani Kesari with kids Belle and Tom

Ori and Shani Kesari with kids Belle and Tom. | Photo: supplied

The Kesari family live in Ashkelon, Israel and both identify as lesbians.

They like to spend quality time together by taking a cheeky day off work so the streets are quiet.

They said: ‘We take the day off from work and kindergarten and just enjoy one with another.’

Mya and Kennedy Power, with kids Carson and Mason

Trans parents Mya and Kennedy Power with their two sons

Trans parents Mya and Kennedy Power with their two sons. | Photo: supplied

Kennedy identifies as a trans man and Mya identifies as a trans woman. They live in Washington DC together with their sons Carson and Mason.

Their story is incredible, with both Mya and Kennedy creating children before physically transitioning.

Mya said: ‘I fell in love with him [Kennedy] harder than I have ever fell for anyone. Kennedy and my children saved my life. I love them more than life itself.’

On being trans parents, Mya said: ‘In any household, there are challenges with parenting. But don’t allow being transgender to scare you from creating a family of your own.

‘Lots of stigma comes with it, but don’t get upset with the world – educate!’

Juliette Meaney and Shelby McMillan, with kids Eleanor and Ben

Juliette Meaney and Shelby McMillan with Eleanor and Ben at Sydney Mardi Gras

Juliette Meaney and Shelby McMillan with Eleanor and Ben marching with Rainbow Families at the Sydney Mardi Gras this year. | Photo: supplied

Shelby (in the top hat) and Juliette have been together for 15 years. They fought hard for marriage equality in Australia last year and plan on marrying ‘sometime soon.’

Both identifying as lesbians, the couple said they share a beautiful relationship with their donor family, John and Dean – who are gay.

They live in Sydney’s west in the Blue Mountains and say it’s a ‘rich experience.’

Juliette said: ‘Our kids go to a school where they climb trees, rather than learn about iPads. They call their teachers by the first names, and can wear whatever they like. Our kids ride bikes together on the street and play cricket every afternoon.

‘It really is an amazing community, where we all look after each other’s kids and animals. Speaking of which, we have two dogs, 14 chickens and a turtle,’ she said.

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