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Tyra Sanchez did not attack DragCon, claims her warning was ‘art’

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Tyra Sanchez | Photo: ThatGuy Gil / Flickr

Tyra Sanchez finally explained her alleged ‘threat‘ to people attending DragCon this weekend (12-13 May).

The season two winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race posted a Facebook status that triggered security concerns about the event in Los Angeles on 12-13 May.

She wrote: ‘Fair warning: DO NOT attend RuPaul’s DragCon on May 12, 2018. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.’

Some fans took this as a formal threat and reported it to the FBI.

As a result, Theodore Carreras from the Counter Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau at the Los Angeles Police Department contacted the Drag Race star for answers.

He wrote in a now leaked email: ‘Good morning,

‘Can you please call me at your earliest convenience? I just had a few questions and I believe there is a misunderstanding regarding a few of your FB posts involving an event that is to take place here in Los Angeles next month. I would love to close this case but I can’t until I speak with you.’

Sanchez replied: ‘No, I will not. Stop contacting me about a Facebook post.

‘If you contact me again, I will pursue a law suit for harassment against you and the LAPD law enforcement.’

Tyra Sanchez

Photo: ThatGuy Gil / Flickr

Then Carreras responded: ‘Until I interview you telephonically, through email or in person, this case will remain open and you may be brought up on a criminal threat charge.’

To which Sanchez replied: ‘Sir, I have not threatened anyone. Do what you must.’

Carreras responded: ‘Read your post. A lot of people have interpreted it as a threat and it looks like one on face value. Just need to talk to you.’

Tyra Sanchez: ‘It’s art’

And then Sanchez broke it all the way down.

She said: ‘It’s art. It’s meant to be left up to the interpretation of the viewer. It’s not my fault how you or anyone else interprets my work. If you or other people don’t like my work, you guys don’t have to follow or engage with it. It’s that simple.

‘I could’ve been warning them about the weather. [I] heard it’s supposed to rain that day. I could’ve been warning them about the racism involved with that event.

‘From experience, I know how they treat people of color.

‘I’m sorry everyone doesn’t have a mind as abstract as mine. Again, that’s their problem, not mine.

‘IT’S ART! I HAVE BLACK GLITTER FINGERNAILS, I WEAR A “BEYONCE WASN’T BUILT IN A DAY” T-SHIRT AND I WALK WITH A TWIST! Yet you think I’m a threat? Come on now, man. I’m sure you have more serious cases you could be working on other than a guy who dresses as a woman for a living.’

Sanchez also explained in the email chain she’s been ‘bullied’ for ’10 years straight’ and ‘now they’re worried I’m going to seek revenge.’

‘Understandably so,’ she added. ‘But again, I didn’t threaten anyone.’

Read the full email exchange.

When did the beef start?

Tyra Sanchez has been an outspoken and controversial winner since her season.

Last September, Sanchez slammed Phi Phi O’Hara for saying ‘Raven was robbed’ of the season 2 title.

Sanchez recently posted a video of in which some claimed she was threatening violence against Phi Phi and Tatianna.

‘When you see Ms. Phi Phi and Ms. Mother Fucking Tati’s ass stretched out on the motherfucking ground, you will know it was me. Yeah, I may not have physically did it, but it will be my doing. Remember that shit, bitch.’

Phi Phi responded, tweeting at DragCon: ‘There should be no booth for anyone who threatens hate/violence!’

Tyra Sanchez

Photo: ThatGuy Gil / Flickr

DragCon then emailed Sanchez, asking her to sincerely apologize for her behavior.

They wrote: ‘As it currently stands, we cannot allow you to come to DragCon (in any form). We need to see you make a sincere public apology.

‘This apology has to make it clear that you do not condone violence against another person (including other queens) and that you will in no way encourage others to act violently (or otherwise inappropriately).’

She didn’t, so DragCon subsequently banned Sanchez from attending the event.

Sanchez also previously told a Drag Race fan to kill themselves.

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