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Lesbian couple paint house with rainbow colors to get back at homophobic neighbors

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Painting the house | Photo: Video/WTAE

A lesbian couple in Pennsylvania are refusing to let their neighbors’ poor attitudes slide without taking a stand — by painting their house.

Lisa Licata and Sherry Lau moved in to their Penn Hills house five years ago. They lied about their relationship, claiming to be mother and daughter, after hearing their neighbor make a bigoted remark.

A year later, neighbors Ron Makay and Iolanda Wieczorkowski learned the truth.

‘It seemed to change when they learned I’m married to a woman, I’m gay,’ Lau told local news station WTAE. ‘We were called “homos”, “dykes”, “lesbians”, stuff like that.’

It didn’t end there, however.

Licata and Lau claimed Makay shot their dog with a BB gun, which he denied. Court records, though, show police charged Makay with animal cruelty and using an air rifle.

Rainbow house

The house in its colorful glory | Photo: Video/WTAE

Paint the town

About two years ago, the couple put up a fence between their houses and painted it with colors from the Pride flag.

Makay and Wieczorkowski continued to harass them and protest the fence.

‘When he protested against the fence being rainbow, that’s when we decided, “Let’s do the house”,” Licata said.

They painted the side of their house facing their neighbors with rainbow colors. Now they’re planning on painting the entire house.

Licata simply said: ‘I don’t want to be friends, I just want to be left alone. I just want it to stop.’

She further told Mashable the community is mostly supportive of their actions.

When WTAE spoke to Makay and his attorney, they denied the animal cruelty charge and responded with ‘no comment’ to the slur accusations.

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