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LGBT Love Stories – The Movie Fundraiser

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Our Stories

What happens when the lives of two up-and-coming young drag-queens who continue performing together after their romantic relationship falls apart; a wealthy, middle-aged business man who is forced to choose between his wife and child or his hidden sexual desires; a talented, shy, young girl who falls in-love with her beautiful, “straight” collage roommate, and a gutsy transgender working girl who fights to reclaim the life she once had intertwine in four stories of love and romance.

“LGBT Love Stories” is an anthology feature film that will honestly explore the ups, downs, and intricacies of love and romance within the L.G.B.T. community. A drama that will make you laugh, and a comedy that will bring tears to your eyes. It’s a film which will prove no matter what community you belong to, life and love are always confusing.


We’re aiming to begin shooting during the summer of 2014. The script is written, and we have been in pre-production the last few months. We have cast our main leads and released our first trailer along with cast & crew featurettes.

Before we start filming this feature length movie, we are working on securing locations, getting paperwork in order, assembling more crew and cast supporting roles.  We are estimate to complete this movie in late 2014 or early 2015.


Why is this film worthy of your support?

By supporting  our film you will be making a positive impact on the LGBT community, as well as creating greatly needed employment for artists from the LGBT community and those who support it.  It will also help independent cinema to continue to thrive and survive, ensuring that heartfelt, personal storytelling remains a cherished part of the film and entertainment industry.  Therefore, your donation played a major part of this incredible movie making.


Your generous donation will play a major role in helping us achieve our goal to bring entertaining, enlightening and positive storytelling to communities all over the world. Your contribution will go to the following:

• Locations & Transportation
• Equipment rentals (camera, lighting, sound recording, dolly set, grip, lens, etc)
• Food Services
• Cast/Crew
• Insurance
• Wardrobe & Makeup
• Post Production
• Film Festival expenses
• Marketing & Promotion expenses.


We need to raise $30,000, which may sound like a lot, but in the film Industry, it wouldn’t even be considered a “micro-budget” project. This is a true independent film being made with love and passion.  All funds raised will go directly and immediately to use on our project “LGBT Love Stories”.



No matter if you are LGBT members or supporters of our family, please help us spread the word about this campaign. Tell your friends and family by posting us on Facebook, tweeting, blogging, and via email. Let’s get as many people involved as possible! We can’t wait to take this amazing journey with you all, and to make this well needed film for all of our communities!


Thank you!!

Thank you Long Beach Gay & Lesbian Center!!

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