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LGBTI rapper CupcaKKe gets upfront in new queer video ‘Crayons’

Written by gaytourism

(Picture: YouTube/CupcaKKe)

LGBT advocate and rapper CupcaKKe is shaking her stuff for new single Crayons.

The outspoken Chicago rapper – who stood as a queer champion in her 2015 single LGBT – has been an outspoken ally to the community.

She even helped a kid who had been made homeless for coming out.

She breathes colour and life into a genre that is stereotypically seen as heterosexual.

And now CupcaKKe, real name Elizabeth Eden Harris, could well do the same with her upfront, no-holds-barred single.

CupcaKKe says ‘gays are full of colour’

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The lyrics – ‘boy or boy/girl on girl/like what you like/fuck the world’ are an unapologetic reminder that modern sexuality is a diverse matter.

But the video itself, in juxtaposition to the hard lyrics, sees an explosion of colour, joy and dance.

The video follows two guys walking down the street holding hands, before a bystander who takes issue with their sexuality accosts them.

(Picture: YouTube/CupcaKKe)

That’s when a whole gang of gays pounce to defend the couple, before a huge party kicks off in celebration.

Because that’s how it goes in the eyes of CupcaKKe!

‘It’s all about the taste of rainbows and colors/ The gays gonna serve you life like a butler,’ she raps.

CupccaKe helped out a homeless gay teen

CupccaKe helped out a homeless gay teen in 2015

Previously in 2015, Cup was contacted on Twitter by 17-year-old Christian, who contacted the rap star after his mother discovered text messages on his phone.

”@CupcakKe_rapper im homeless my mom just booted me from the house 🙁 yr music is helping me pull through queen…going through some tough shit,’ Christian tweeted.

CupcakKe responded to the tweet with a direct message to the Texas teen asking if he needed a hotel, offering to pay it for herself.

While he slept at a friend’s house for the reminder of the night, Christian sent his thanks.

‘Let me [know] i just want you to be nice warm and safe,’ she sent back.

‘I was honestly shocked when she responded asking me if I needed a hotel. I really did need a shelter badly,’ he told BuzzFeed

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