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Lufthansa has begun a Pride campaign where they are declaring to the world that they accept everyone regardless of their sexual orientation.

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To honor this Pride Month, Lufthansa Airlines launched a promotional campaign called “The World Says Yes to You” in anticipation of the upcoming Christopher Street Day festivities. By doing this, Lufthansa is demonstrating its support for the LGBTQ+ community and showing their firm acceptance of diversity, open-mindedness and tolerance. Carsten Hoffmann, the Head of Brand Experience at Lufthansa Airlines, stated that they are open to all people, regardless of gender, age, ethnic background, faith, nationality, sexuality or individual identity. Traveling the world as a queer individual can frequently lead to an uncomfortable atmosphere due to the fact that the reaction of those around them is not typically welcoming. Lufthansa is taking part in a campaign to honor those who live their lives celebrating queer culture and the places that embrace it. By taking this action, we are assisting LGBTQ individuals to find locations and many other things globally. For instance, Konstantinos in Athens created the ‘Queer Archive’ where activities, art shows, and festivities are held, and Nuala, who is responsible for a surf school designated for queer individuals in Brazil. Brian, who is the leader of the Gay Rodeo Association in the U.S., is another highlighted individual.


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