Montreal Gay Village shines as LGBTQ and contemporary art beacon

Today, the Business Development Corporation (SDC) for the Montreal Village and the Ville-Marie borough, alongside Robert Beaudry, City Councilor for the Saint-Jacques District and member of the City of Montréal’s executive Committee for economic development, housing and design, inaugurated the 14th edition of pedestrianization of Sainte-Catherine Street East, between Saint-Hubert street and Papineau avenue.

In short:

•This is the last chance to discover the 18 Shades of Gay installation by Claude Cormier et Associés.

•A design competition was launched this past winter to determine a new art installation that will take its place in 2020. Twenty nine entries were submitted, and the winner will be announced this coming October.

•In partnership with Chromatic, The Village is proud to present TOILETPAPER by iconic Italian duo Pierpaolo Ferrari and Maurizio Cattela, an art exhibit commissioned by Nicolas Denicourt of Galerie Blanc

AIRES LIBRES presents numerous art installations in the heart of The Village, including the ever popular Galerie blanc, on display until September 24 this year. AIRES LIBRES is the oldest and most important “cultural pedestrianization” initiative in the Ville-Marie Borough. Over 40 terrasses (including those on Amherst, as well as the rooftop terrasses of Unity and SKY) are open to Montrealers this season.

“180,000 balls by Claude Cormier, the art installation for which montrealers have shown an incredible wave of love in recent years, is back for its final edition”, declared Mr. Beaudry. “The City of Montreal and the Ville-Marie borough will continue to support The Village in its outreach and development, including a financial contribution to the international design contest for the new Sainte-Catherine Street East project, which will be unveiled to Montrealers in 2020. The Village will always be a reflection of the diversity, openness and creativity of Montreal, a city recognized as a cultural metropolis and UNESCO city of design.”

“This year marks the 50th anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexuality in Canada,” noted Denis Brossard, president of the SDC du Village. “Although much progress has been made, we need to support the Montreal Village’s momentum so it can continue to be a pillar for the LGBTQ community. Since its creation in 2005, the SDC du Village has become a beacon of cultural diversity, highlighting Montreal as an internationally recognized icon. Since the very first edition of AIRES LIBRES in 2008, the festival has treated Montrealers and tourists alike to the works of over one hundred artists and designers. The 9,000 square feet open-air art gallery and the contest that will determine the 2020 design installation (which will be showcased on Sainte-Catherine Street East starting May 2020), are both fantastic opportunities for the borough’s growth and development. For the SDC, design and contemporary art will always be a great way to foster inclusion,” said Denis Brossard, SDC du Village President.


TOILETPAPER at Galerie Blanc from May 10, 2019 to May 1, 2020

The Village is proud to present TOILETPAPER, the art exhibition by iconic Italian duo Pierpaolo Ferrari and Maurizio Cattelan, in partnership with Chromatic and curated by Nicolas Denicourt at Galerie Blanc this May.

Founded in 2010, TOILETPAPER is an art magazine launched by Maurizio Cattelan, an international contemporary artist known for his propensity for comedy that provokes, and Pierpaolo Ferrari, iconic photographer and artistic director. Since the first edition of the magazine in 2010, Cattelan and Ferrari have created a world that displays ambiguous narratives and a troubling imagination, combining commercial photography with twisted narratives and surrealistic imagery. Marrying pop culture, advertising, religious iconography and the history of art, TOILETPAPER explores society’s obsession and overconsumption of images, while injecting a healthy dose of irony.

The exhibit features roughly 40 photos that capture the unique aesthetic of borderline irreverence this duo has developed. Saturated and striking, the images presented at the galerie Blanc promise a rich visual experience.

Founded by Alexandre Berthiaume and Nicolas Denicourt, Blanc is an open-air gallery and a unique outdoor exhibit concept for Montreal. Open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, Blanc’s purpose is to promote easy access to art for the public.

TOILETPAPER is Galerie Blanc’s third exhibit, following JUXTAPOSITION (2018) and Super—Nature (2017).

A last chance to view the 18 Shades of Gay art installation and the 2020 art installation landscape architecture competition

The one kilometer-long rainbow-coloured canopy will be on display until September 24th

•This is the 9th edition. the pink-coloured balls launched in 2011 were made multicoloured in 2017 to mark the Village’s 35th anniversary.

•The installation entitled “18 Shades of Gay” is by architecture firm Claude Cormier et Associés

•A total of 180,000 balls

•Nearly 3,100 lines are suspended over one kilometer

•Three shades of each of the six colours of the gay flag = 18 shades of gay

•The nostalgic pink balls can be seen at both entrances to the Village

The landscape architecture contest for the new art installation on Sainte-Catherine Street East, in the heart of the Gay Village
•Claude Cormier wanted to see another installation mark the 2020 edition.
•An international landscape architecture competition is underway.
•A landscape architecture firm or a multidisciplinary team that includes landscape architects will be chosen.
•The jury has received 29 entries to date, from teams across Canada, the United-States and Europe.
•The winning team will be announced in the fall of 2019.

A Footbridge over the rainbow balls starting at the end of May 2019

Created in 2017 by the firm Architecturama, this footbridge that enables people to take photos while “walking above” the rainbow-coloured balls will be back at the end of May. This installation is located at the corner of Sainte-Catherine Street East and Saint-Timothée.

Horticulture and exhibits by Quebec Illustrators on Amherst Street

At the end of May, Amherst street will be getting a makeover courtesy of the SDC du Village: an artistic and horticultural path will be created and made accessible.

The SDC will once again work with horticulturalist Yannick Rosenthal and the Mtl en Arts collective for two artistic projects. The first will see a unique visual identity created for the 24 flower boxes in an effort to brighten up Amherst street, between Sainte Catherine street and René-Lévesque. The second project, which will be up until September, will have illustrators from all over Quebec showcase their art on vinyl-covered panels.

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