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Most gay men have cheated on their partner, new survey finds

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Most gay men have cheated on their loved one, according to a provocative new study.

Health Equality and Rights Organisation (HERO) found that 58 percent of gay men have been cheated on by their same-sex partner, while 52 percent admit to cheating themselves. 

If the stats come as a surprise, it could be because you never found out – 45 percent say their other half never knew they played away.

GMFA, the men’s sexual health charity, is urging men to be more open about their sex lives as it can lead to the spread of STIs.

17 percent of of gay men got HIV or an STI from someone who was not their partner.

An incredible 61 percent of these men did not inform their partner of the news.

Ian Howley, Chief Executive of HERO, said: “What’s clear to us from the results of the survey and what gay men told us about their experiences is that some gay men are making the same mistakes regarding communication, trust and boundaries.

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“There’s huge issue of gay men not being able to talk to one another about what they want sexually.

“We grow up in a very heterosexual society where ‘cheating’ is enough to end relationships and long standing marriages because that’s what society has told us to do. And it’s not shocking to find that these standards are also put on gay men.”

Ian added: “I’ve met lots of gay couples who are perfect for each, emotionally, but sexually they didn’t work, or it just fizzled out but rather than work together on this, one or both of them cheats on their partner leading to the eventual breakdown of their relationship.

“Now ‘cheating’ may start with flirting with a stranger or sliding into someone’s DMs on Twitter, but it only takes a few conversation exchanges before thoughts are put into action and then you have an issue that might bring the end to your relationship.

“Of course sex is important for any relationship to work but you cannot and never will be able to meet the needs of someone 100% of the time. And we are foolish to put that pressure on ourselves.

“If you are lucky to find someone that does it for you, is there for you emotionally, physically and treats you with the respect you deserve, then you must work on the relationship.

“Letting a relationship die because of sex is silly. More often he will work with you and you can work together to explore options that will keep your relationship tight.”

A 2017 survey by GMFA found that as many as two in three men who have sex with men do it bareback.

They also found that 32 percent of men did not know if their sexual partner is HIV-negative before having sex.

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