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My tips for Sam Smith on how to have the perfect showbiz relationship

Written by gaytourism

Another showbiz romance ruined as Sam Smith and Brandon Flynn have announced their their break up.

While we don’t know why the couple broke up, it’s not the first couple to break up due to the pressures of celebrity life.

Being in the public eye is a blessing and a curse. We’ve seen so many relationships die over people’s careers in the public eye.

The money’s great, the fame is amazing, but love and romance always dies.

Scott McGlynn is a podcast presenter

I have been working in the public eye for over three years traveling around the world for my job.

I’m lucky still to have my fiancé of eight years by my side but it was hard at times.

We’ve argued after I missed out on family events. I even missed our one year anniversary.

We’re lucky to have social media and video calling to keep in touch with our loved ones wherever you are. And, for you Sam Smith, and anyone who wants to keep the spark of a relationship, I have some tips.

My tips for Sam Smith for the perfect showbiz relationship

  • Keep compliments coming – Saying nice things to your partner shouldn’t go unmissed. I compliment my partner every day on how he looks, what he’s done and his new outfits.
  • Don’t take them for granted – I find people who have been in relationships, short-term or long-term, may take their partners for granted. If you expect them to do things all the time, like walking the dogs every day when you’re not there and then when you’re home you don’t bother to talk the dogs, that’s taking someone for granted. Remember relationships are built by two people. It’s 50/50 making  it work. Never forget that!
  • Keep the surprises coming – No-one doesn’t like a surprise. If you have been away with work or even if you live with them 24/7, treating your partner for a meal out or a night away in a hotel goes a long way. We have to keep that spark alive. I often take my partner back to the restaurant we went on our first date eight years ago. It’s about being sentimental.

So Sam Smith I hope you take these tips on board. Hopefully, you’ll find a lucky guy to be with you in the future. And if you meet him, I’ve got some dating tips if you need them.

Scott McGlynn is a LGBTI activist and podcast presenter. Listen to The Scott McGlynn show

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