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Netflix boss explains why Sense8 has been cancelled

Sense8 didn't shy away from explicit scenes

The chief of Netflix, Ted Sarandos,  has spoken out on the reasons as to why much-loved show Sense8 has been cancelled after two years.

The show focuses on eight strangers from around the world who share a telepathicempathic link to each another, allowing them to share skills, thoughts, memories, emotions and languages with each other.

Sense8 has covered topics such as sexuality, race, religion and gender and has received positive reviews from critics and a hardcore cult following.

However Netflix chief Sarandos said, ‘A big, expensive show for a tiny audience is hard to make even in our own model to make that work very long.’

The series reportedly cost $9 million per episode and falling ratings during the show’s second season led to its cancellation.

The show was the creation of the Wachowski sisters, who are both trans and shot to fame as the creators of the Matrix movies. Sense8 carried trans storylines, and included a trans actress, Jamie Clayton, in a trans role.

Sarandos added, ‘They did a beautiful show… the audience was very passionate, but not large enough to support the economics of something that big, even on our platform.’

A petition has been launched by fans to try and resurrect the show.