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Teen targeted by anti-gay bullies ‘brain dead’ after being beaten, raped with blunt object, and burnt

Nhaveen was left brain dead by homophobic bullies

An 18-year-old targeted by homophobic bullies was left allegedly brain dead after being beaten, raped and burned by a group of young people in Malaysia.

T Nhaveen was attacked by the gang outside a burger shop near a mosque in Gelugor, a southern suburb of George Town in Penang.

The teen was celebrating finishing his job at a mall on Friday (. He was going to go to Kuala Lumpur for college the next day.

Heading to a burger shop outside Taman Tun Sardon Mosque with best friend Previin, he saw two former bullies.

Wishing to torment him a final time, they rang up their friends and six other young men arrived on motorcycles.

The eight then started to beat Nhaveen and Previin with helmets.

One of the attackers forced Nhaveen into a nearby park.

In this time, 19-year-old Previin was able to escape and inform his uncle of the attack. His cheekbones were crushed.

At 2am, Free Malaysia Today reports a brother of one of the attackers took an unconscious Nhaveen to Penang Hospital.

Doctors treated him for severe head injuries and a wound on his groin which was oozing blood. His anus was torn badly, likely due to a blunt object being inserted inside.

He was later placed in the neurological ward at the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit.

His family were informed he had been raped, there was injury to his private parts, and burn marks on his back.

Five people, aged 16 to 18, detained

Five young people, aged 16 and 18, have been detained for ‘rioting’. They have reportedly admitted to being involved in the incident.

Nhaveen was going to go to college to study music composition.

His aunt said: ‘He loves music… Nhaveen is so friendly and jovial. I spoke to him last week and he wanted to come over to my place for chicken curry.

‘But looking at the way he is now, I do not know if he will come back at all.’