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Pansexual student hands out hundreds of flowers on Valentine’s day

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A pansexual veterinary student has made it her mission to hand out hundreds of flowers on campus on Valentine’s day to make sure that nobody feels alone on the holiday of love.

Hatti Smart is a student at the Royal Veterinary College (RVC), a world-renowned vet training school that is known for its intensely hard courses. 

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Smart knows that in February, students are beginning to feel the pressure and could be dealing with stress and anxiety or other mental health issues so she wanted to reach out to her peers with a “random act of kindness” on Valentine’s day.

The student union officer convinced the union to spend £500 of beautiful flowers that they could hand out to students.

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Speaking to GSN, Smart explained that as well as Valentine’s day, it is the Random Acts of Kindness Week and so she wanted to really push the boat out for the students at her university.

She said: “This week is Random Acts of Kindness Week. To encourage people to get involved, we bought flowers and thank you cards for people to take and pass onto other people.

“It also just happens to be Valentine’s Day! So we thought it would be nice for those without partners to also receive some flowers!”

Smart, who is also a co-chair of National Student Pride, added that she wanted to support students and staff at the RVC, but also to raise awareness around the importance of looking after your mental health.

She added: “It’s a hard time on campus for students and staff with exams just around the corner.

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“As someone that has suffered from anxiety and depression, I know how important being part of a community and how much of an impact little acts of kindness can have.

“Mental health is such a deep issue within the Veterinary profession and little things like this are so simple to give someone a boost to their day.”

Christina Marie Paish, President of the RVC Student Union added that people like Smart help the university have a tight-knit community, which can be life-saving.

“Vet students are renowned for their highly stressful course but here at RVC, we are so lucky to have a small caring community. Campaigns like this really can make all the difference,” she said.

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