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Skittles removes its rainbow colors in honor of Pride Month

The special Skittles packages for Pride

While other brands have rushed to add rainbows to their products for Pride month (see Doritos, Converse, adidas, etc), Skittles have gone in the other direction.

The confectionary brand (tagline ‘Taste the rainbow’) has released monochrome packaging to show their support for Pride Month.

The usually colorful wrapper for the candy has been turned black and white. The Skittles themselves are all white.

The brand revealed color-free packaging last year in a show of support for Pride in London, but are now selling it exclusively through supermarket chain Tesco.

Parent company, Wrigleys, said : ‘During Pride, only one rainbow matters, so we’ve given up ours to show our support.’

The special packs will be on sale throughout June. In addition to the color change, 2p from every pack in the UK is being donated to LGBT charities.

Watch a promotional video below.