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Some people seem to think that fish can be transgender (they can’t)

Written by gaytourism

An upcoming episode of a nature documentary has revealed that a surprising amount of people think that fish can be transgender.

The documentary Blue Planet II, narrated by David Attenborough, will explore the marine world in the highly anticipated sequel.

A clip of this Sunday’s first episode has been released which follows the path of an Asian Sheepshead Wrasse, a fish with the ability to change sex.

Many species of fish are able to do this, including clownfish, although not all scientists agree on the reasons why this change happens.

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Several reports on the upcoming episode have called the natural phenomenon “gender-bending” and have described the fish as transgender.

Of course, fish can’t be transgender, as fish do not (as far as we know) have the self-understanding required to have a gender.

People can be transgender as humans are self-aware and are able of having identities.

The articles about the ‘transgender fish’ resulted in waves of comments.

Some commenters blamed the BBC and a ‘left-wing’ ideology for the inclusion of the sex-changing fish.

Other commenters asked more sarcastic questions about the fish’s ‘transition’ and bathroom usage.

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Recently, a set of posters advertising ‘gender-neutral dog walking’ appeared in London, advertising to “gender-fluid canines.”

Like fish, dogs are also unable to be transgender or have genders.

Blue Planet II has been filming for the last four years.

The documentary will begin on Sunday, October 29, and will air for seven weeks.

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