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Lesbian couple’s side-by-side pregnancy photos inspire LGBT people who want to start a family

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Melanie and Vanessa Iris Roy, from Charlotte, North Carolina, documented their pregnancies (yep, plural) – and ended up inspiring other LGBT couples to start a family.

The pair, who both wanted to be mothers, made the impressive decision to have a child each just one year apart. Vanessa gave birth to their son Jax in 2014, and Melanie had their daughter Ero in 2015. They took photos at each stage of their respective pregnancies.

“The woman’s body is incredible”

Both Vanessa and Melanie hope that their side-by-side photos encourage other lesbian couples to start a family.

“Vanessa and I have always said we would both like to carry,” Melanie told The Huffington Post. “The woman’s body is incredible. The way it creates and grows another human being is amazing.

“We hope that our picture is that sign that some women may need to encourage them to carry a child.”

Guess what… the photos went viral

Melanie and Vanessa were both surprised to find their photos went viral – especially as they weren’t picked up immediately.

It wasn’t until they were shared by several LGBT-focused sites that they started spreading. On one Brazilian advocacy group’s Facebook page, the photos got over 150,000 likes.

After going viral, Melanie and Vanessa revealed that “all the opportunities to answer interview questions have been unexpected! From PEOPLE Magazine to Us Magazine to appearing on news channels in Miami, Charlotte and even Germany”.

Inspiring others to start a family

“It’s crazy to see that people were referring to my family as an inspiration. We are still in complete shock,” Melanie told The Huffington Post.

“We received one email from someone who said that after reading our story they got the courage to finally come out to their mother,” Melanie told Bored Panda.

“It’s a great feeling to think that we can have a positive affect on so many people. We never would have thought our picture could do this.”

“I am so thankful”

“I am so thankful for the life I have been given,” Melanie wrote on her own page.

“For my two gorgeous healthy kids Jax and Ero. For my kickass wife who is literally my best friend, my therapist, my lover, and my partner in life all wrapped in one.

“My parents for all the things they sacrificed to give me the childhood I had and the solid foundation built with family, love, and tradition. My wife’s parents for accepting me as one of their own and always being there for us.

“This positive move to Charlotte wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for them. I’ve also been blessed with great friends along the way. Tonight while laying next to my two munchkins my heart was filled with love thinking of how awesome my life is.”

All images credit: @therealmelroy 

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